Types Of Wood

The most famous types of wood

1- Beech

This type of wood is used in the manufacture of office and home furniture,
there are several types of branches such as Turkish, American, Russian and Romanian.
The beech is the best Roman of these species, especially if it is dried,
then it is expensive and expensive,but it serves the user very much.
The lowest types are beech, which is available in the market at low prices.
Beech wood is usually used in many things.
The most important of which are the manufacture of doors and offices, and furniture engraved with a certain decoration.

2- Mahogany

This type of wood is very similar to beech,
but differs from it in some characteristics like reddish-brown, hardened, and resistant.
This kind of wood is used in manufacturing many furniture,
doors, wooden windows, and cornice doors,
and imports this kind of several countries Such as America and Africa,
but Mahogany Africa is better quality than the American because of its great resistance to high temperatures.

3- Oak

This type is good in quality,
its specifications and uses are somewhat similar to the types of wood we talked about,
and Africa and America are exporting countries.

4- Marnti

This type is also good as its qualities in quality,
specifications and uses are similar to the species that challenged us,
as well as imported from Africa and America.

5- Pine

This wood is of a very high quality,
most commonly used in the manufacture of cane,
and imported from the forests of North Carolina.

6- Wawa

This wood is bad in quality,
efficiency and resistance, and is rapidly rotated,
but this defect can be overcome by paint and chemicals.
It is used in the manufacture of furniture and doors.
It is widely distributed in the market due to its low price. for him.

7- Compressed Wood (MDF)

It is an artificial wood, not natural,
so it is often rumored and intrigued who wants to buy this kind of wood;
it consists of a natural sawdust mix and add some chemicals that have been pressured,
by thermal presses to give us that shape of the board.

It is easy to cut, and can be available in any size and thickness required by the buyer,
and there are some ways the manufacturer focuses on the treatment of this type
against moisture and heat and thus Its price rises and becomes good in terms of use.

8- Lathe

This type is similar to compact wood in terms of its use areas.
It is not 100% industrial. It is made by bringing strips of natural wood
and then packaging them with crust and pressing them with heat presses.
Only Malaysian and Indonesian wood is recommended.

9- Sweden

It is a natural wood and cheap available in the market,
and is used extensively in the internal and external construction of wood decorations,
due to the beauty of the veins; it gives the natural formation of wood,
and uses this type of wood in the manufacture of doors and furniture,
especially the American cupboard, Sweden, Russia and Turkey from countries Exported to this type.

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