Transportation old and modern


The methods for transport are vehicles for the vehicle of articles and people starting with one place then onto the next. These methods have started to exchange, where business products are transported starting with one place then onto the next. In any case, with the immense improvement in transportation, the methods for transportation have changed the idea of exchange to military utilize, Civil, traveler and other.

Old transportation

The old methods for transportation depended on the development of individuals from place to put by walking, conveying their products on their backs or conveying them, and after that in the year 5000 BC. The creatures were utilized as a part of the procedure of route somewhat encouraged the development, and in the time of 3000 BC. The wheels were created without an engine, with horse-drawn trucks, donkeys and jackasses assembled, helping people move quicker than strolling, and facilitating the way toward transporting merchandise on their backs. In the eighteenth century the motor was developed and the start of the mechanical insurgency, Quality and still remain This day.

Modern transportation

From the beginning of the 19th century, a great revolution began in the transportation. The diesel engine was invented by the German engineer Rudolf Diesel. The car, plane, train, ships and ships were invented. The modern means were divided into several sections:

1 Road vehicles: cars and buses that operate on petroleum products from gasoline and diesel. Recently, solar cars have been developed through cells that absorb, store and use solar energy in the absence of the sun, as well as motor trains and electric trains that generate the magnetic field.

2 The means of maritime transport: ships, ships and large boats. The means of maritime transport are used mainly for the transport of goods, especially the heavy ones. This is because of the cheap means of transport compared to the means of land and air transport.

3 Air transport: It is the aircraft of various forms, such as jet aircraft, and aircraft engines. This type of transport is one of the most expensive means of transportation, but it is the fastest transport of individuals and goods. The precious goods are usually transported in aircraft such as gold and diamonds, Weapons, and has facilitated the easy movement of individuals from one place to another.

The cons and advantages of transportation in ancient times

1 Cons: Too slow, you need a long time to move from place to place.

2 Pros: Keeps the environment from pollution; it is based on environmentally friendly means and maintains them.

The pros and cons of modern transportation

1 Negatives: The pollution of the environment, whether air pollution by the exhaust smoke of cars and buses caused by the burning of diesel, or environmental pollution caused by water due to maritime transport, as well as noise pollution caused by noise caused by the sounds of cars, trains and aircraft.

2 Pros: Helps move people from place to place very quickly, save time and effort, and make the globe a small village that is easily accessible.

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