The largest hotels around the world

The hotel is a place that has a number of rooms where people can stay when traveling. In addition, it provides food, accommodation and other services to guests. You will find plenty of facilities such as basic bed, clothing storage, as well as fully furnished full rooms. In addition, large hotels provide additional facilities for guests such as a swimming pool, business center, child care, conference facilities and social services. This is why there is a larger luxury hotel in the following article we will show the largest hotels around the world.

What makes a hotel special? Is its location? Is the number of stars? Usually any hotel gets very popular because it reeks frequented by celebrities, wealthy people and ordinary people so there is a combination of factors that make a hotel great.

The largest hotels around the world

1. Hotel Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel is a luxury hotel and includes a resort and casino in Las Vegas, United States. This hotel is one of the largest hotels around the world. The design of the hotel is entirely inspired by the town of Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy, which is known for its elegance. One of Bellagio’s most prominent features is the 8-acre lake which includes the Bellagio fountains, which are one of the largest water fountain dances. The original Bellagio Tower has 3,015 rooms spread over 36 floors. While the spa tower contains 33 floors and contains 935 rooms.

2. Caesars

Caesars is a luxurious four star hotel and casino located in the United States. It is located between Bellagio and Mirage. The palace was founded in 1966 and inspired by the designs of the Roman Empire. If you go to the hotel you will find different statues and columns. The Caesars Palace has approximately 3,960 rooms and a suite divided into six large towers. In addition, the hotel has a range of restaurants to satisfy all guests.

3. Aria Resort and Casino

A luxury product located in Lavegas, United States. The hotel consists of two towers of reinforced glass and high-rise steel adjacent to the center. Since its opening in December 2009, the hotel has gained great fame and success for its elegance and beauty. The hotel has two towers consisting of 16 floors while the other 51 floors. Moreover, the Aria has what 4,002 guest rooms, suites, 16 restaurants, nightclubs and a casino.

4. City Jomtien

City Jomtien is a huge resort located in Jomtien Bay, near Pattaya in Thailand. Ambasador Hotel is one of the largest hotels you can see at any time. It is built on an area of 160,000 meters and consists of five buildings, each containing 150 suites, 2000 suites and the total number of rooms up to 4,210 rooms. In addition, the hotel has eight restaurants as well as several night clubs and a fitness center which is said to have the largest swimming pool in Asia.

5. Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Luxury Hotel is located in Las Vegas, United States just like Bellagio, this hotel is owned by the International Mgm Resources. The hotel consists of 30 floors with 4,407 furnished and modern rooms, as well as 422 suites. The hotel is designed to be similar to the shape of the pyramid and its name is Luxor similar to the name of the city of Luxor in Egypt. Luxor Hotel is the fifth largest hotel in Las Vegas and the seventh largest hotel around the world.

6. Conrad Macao

The Sands Hotel is located in Macau, China, where the Cotai Central Hotel has approximately 6,000 rooms and suites, such as Conrad, Sheraton, Regis and Holiday Inn. Moreover, there are two casinos like Pacifica Casino and Himalayan Casino. It is worth mentioning that the central sands of Cottay are owned by Las Vegas Sands.

7. MGM

The Signator is one of the other residential hotels in Las Vegas. To your knowledge, hotels apartments means high-rise buildings that have been developed and operated as luxury hotels and are usually located in major cities and resorts. The Signator Hotel is the third largest hotel in the world and the second in Las Vegas. It consists of three identical towers. Each containing 38 floors and each tower 567 contract fully furnished unit.

8. Izmailovo

This large hotel is located in the Izmailovo area of Moscow, Russia. It consists of four large buildings with about 5,000 rooms. Although Izmailovo was built primarily for the 1980 Summer Olympics because Moscow did not have enough hotel rooms and is now one of the largest hotels all over the world.

9. Venetian Bella

The Vientiane Resort is a 5 star luxury hotel and casino producer located in Las Vegas, United States. The Venetian Hotel consists of 36 floors and about 449 rooms, 3,068 suites making it the second largest hotel in the world according to the number of rooms and the largest hotel in Las Vegas.

10. First World

First World Hotel is located in Genting Heights, and the Altala product in Malaysia. Although it is just a three-star hotel, it is part of Genes International Group as one of the largest hotels around the world with 7,351 rooms. Since the hotel opened in 2006, First World Hotel has received more than 35 million guests from all over the world. In addition to the large number of rooms, another feature of the hotel is that the hotel is colored from the outside giving a delightful look.

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