Kinds of Dogs

The dog is one of the oldest mammals, and is considered one of the oldest animals to be attached to humans since ancient times, and is characterized by animal fulfillment and the ability to remember the owner even if it was cut for a long time.

In this article, we will discuss the types of dogs, their characteristics, and how to preserve them.

Kinds of Dogs

Dog Shepherds

This type of dog is trained to assist the herdsman to protect her from hazards; such as the dangers of a wolf who is a predator.

Pitbull dog

This type of dog is the fiercest type of dog, and it is feared by all other dogs. It is characterized by a great force of ferocity as if it were only born to fight, and this dog has the advantage that it does not leave a competitor to survive. Her life ends.


Is a dog that protects the person accompanying him, and has several types, including Paul Mastiff, Doberman, Rottweiler, and Gretel Dan


This type of dog is trained, and belongs to this dog to specific species, including dogs Saluka; It is tracking prey, such as foxes and rabbits. This type of dog is divided into two groups:

  • Stop dogs: They hunt prey; they can detect them through their sense of smell, which is a very strong sense, and when they reach the nearby place
  • Dogs of the runner: These dogs take the prey out of her room is forced and when she goes out to chase her.

Dog escort blind

A dog trained to instruct his owner to move wherever he wants without accompanying anyone in some countries.


This dog is trained to help the police solve a crime or anything similar to a difficult crime to solve. These police dogs also check the baggage of passengers and passengers to see if there is anything forbidden inside. The dogs have a very strong sense smelling.

Dog Fields

This type of dog is found in the large fields, and always accompanied by the owner of these fields, and this dog lives in the field, and this dog fit for guarding and hunting as a professional runner, he is ashamed of the guests and very thin.

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